“Falling leaves”

I watched as the elves from the trees fell to the ground at the end of a long and warm summer.

Too warm and too dry for the trees to survive and now all that was left was for the leaves to fall so new ones could take their place.

It was the circle of life and yet it fascinated me.

As I kid I watched those leaves fall and after that summer when the trees fell early I knew what I wanted to do in life.

Those trees and their falling leaves gave me meaning.

Gave me a purpose.

And finally, I wasn’t lost anymore.

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One thought on ““Falling leaves””

  1. Your first line makes me wonder what the other story going on is…I am so loving it! Brings about a different image entirely. Reminds me of an opening sketch to a Monty Python movie with the leaves that talk, then fall to the ground (I think it was Meaning of Life)


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