“The same”

We saw our old home and I was glad to see nothing had changed.

Everything was the same.

The same shops where still in the same places and the same drunks were still sitting outside the same liquor store.

Nothing had changed.

The town hadn’t changed.

We’d changed.

We were different people.

Not the boys who left.

But the town was still the same and we realized there was no future for us there anymore.

We’d seen the world.

What it had to offer.

The good and the bad.

And we knew our small hometown that hadn’t changed during the time we were away was no longer enough for us.

We were changed.

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6 thoughts on ““The same””

  1. the realization is something I can very much relate to. My own experience is rather opposite, though. I grew up in a very rural place. The house is gone, yet everything else there – things which were there even before the house – have remained. There is a calming constancy in the place. I go to visit often to listen for whispers

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