“The world never changes”

The world had changed and I with it.

I wasn’t the same person who’d set out to explore the furthest corners of the world.

I’m someone else, someone I don’t recognize anymore.

The world changed me and the more I saw the more I knew I had to change.

The more I had to become someone else to survive in it.

I think everyone should go on a journey like the one I have.

Everyone should see the world, experience all of it and then come back home only to realize that you’ve changed.

Because for the most part you will have changed for the better and you will not be able to recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

The change will be good, trust me I know.

I know that because I’ve changed and at the same time it feels like the world changed.

But the world never really changed, I was the one that changed not the world.

Never the world.

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