“In the end there was only hate”

I’d finally found out what I was doing wrong and know there was nothing to stop me.

I was going to be famous.

Nothing could stop my rise to the top.

Or so I thought.

One thing which I could have never foreseen was her.

I could never have seen her coming or the wave of destruction she would bring with her.

We met when I was a young man just starting out, having found my way in life.

Right before I was getting ready to make my move and rise to the top.

She was perfect in every way and for some reason, she seemed to be interested in me.

I don’t know just like that she was next to me on every picture and opposite me during every meal.

We were inseparable.

Foolishly I thought it was love, and what do I know at one point in time it might have been love.

But not in the end.

In the end, there was no love left and she brought down everything I had ever worked for and left me a broken man.

Maybe I deserved it.

Maybe I should have seen it coming.

But I didn’t.

I thought there was love.

I’d never thought it was hate.

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