“Should have stayed”

We were doing our best with what we had but every time it seemed like we were getting somewhere they would come in and take it away and we would have to start all over again.

Not from scratch, we learned the first times to always keep some of the work in the back where they didn’t look.

Why were they doing this? Was the question on everyone’s lips yet none of us dared to ask.

They didn’t speak to us and we didn’t want any trouble so we didn’t speak to them.

It was the safest course of action, not to speak.

God knows what they would have done to us had we tried to stop them from taking our work.

It went on like that, for years, we got somewhere and they came in and stole the work we’d done until finally one day when we had a major breakthrough and they didn’t come.

We waited but none came.

For days we sat in that lab and none came until finally, the doors opened and for the first time since we stepped inside, we were allowed to go outside.

God knows I should have stayed in that lab.

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