“I talked to a stranger”

He was there.

He was always there.

Every time I entered the room there he was.

Sitting in front of the TV, not watching anything, the TV was always off.

But he was there.

He was always there.

This time I wanted to ask him what he was here for.

What he had done to land him in here.

It was scary, I have to tell you, walking up to him, knowing that I was going to start a conversation with someone I didn’t know.

I was scared.

So scared.

”Who are you?” I said and the boy turned to face me.

”You don’t wanna know that,” he said.

”I do”

”No, you don’t.”

He had a curious look on his face.

A look that I couldn’t quite make out what it meant.

”Why are you in here?”

”You don’t want to know that.”

Of course I wanted to know, otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked.

I didn’t say that out loud.

”Why are you like this?” He turned away from me and stared at the back screen on the TV.

There was nothing more I could ask.

He didn’t want to tell me anything.

So I turned and left the room.

Happy that I had tried starting a conversation with someone.

Hey, maybe this place is working out.

Maybe I am getting better.

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