“Happy birthday, my love” (Repost)

Tyler knew it was late. Too late for him to come over. He didn’t care.

He wanted to see her; he needed to see her.

She was his everything. He had to see her tonight.

He walked down the steps of his old apartment.

One of the doors opened.

”It’s just me Mrs. Anderson,” Tyler said.

”You shouldn’t be going out at this hour Tyler.”

”I know, but I’ll be right back.”

”Be careful.”

Mrs. Anderson was kind, sometimes too kind. She always looked out for the people in the building. Most nights Tyler appreciated it. But some nights, like this one, he didn’t want to speak with anyone other than her.

He opened the door and headed out into the summer night. The street was quiet at this time of night. Tyler was alone.

He started walking down the street. Soon he would be with her again.

Somewhere in the distance, he could hear the sound of sirens.

He passed the house they used to live in, that beautiful house that had been their dream. Now it lay empty; the windows were boarded up. None was going to live there again.

He passed their favorite restaurant and saw that it was full of life, even at this hour. He could remember the nights they had spent there; those nights had been the best in his life.

He wanted to experience a night like that, just once more.

He reached the high walls. She was there, on the other side of those walls, waiting for him.

He followed the path until he reached her.

Tyler stood before the headstone he had put there all those years before.

”Happy birthday my love.”

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