“Why did he hang me?”

He hung me. Why did he do that? I, who had helped him get through so much, was the last person he should have crossed.

One day, when I can crawl my way back up to the surface, I will get him. I’ll be there waiting for him when he gets home. I’ll be walking behind him anywhere he goes.

Until I get my chance. Until he’s so scared that he begs me to do what he did to me.

I will take everyone he’s ever known with me down into the abyss, and I will watch as he deteriorates piece by piece with each passing day.

Wherever he walks, he will see me. And whenever he’s asleep, he’ll hear the screams of those he loved. Those he could have saved.

And when I finally get my chance to take him, I will ask,

“Why did you hang me?”

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