Christmas shopping for children

It was almost Christmas. Two years ago I think.

I was finishing my Christmas shopping.

I needed to find something for my nephew. The only problem was that I didn’t know what he wanted. None had bothered to tell me.

I guess none thought I would care about Christmas.

I walked from store to store until finally, I settled for a Lego set that I thought was nice.

What kind of kid didn’t like lego?

Fast forward a few days and I arrived at my sister’s for Christmas. Everyone was there, the whole family.

They all seemed surprised to see me. I guess none had expected me to come.

They were even more surprised that I brought presents.

I was welcomed with open arms and enjoyed the first Christmas dinner with my family in a long time.

When everyone was done eating it was time for presents. All the children ran into the living room and sat down on the floor. Eagerly awaiting their gifts.

My sister’s husband told everyone that none was allowed to open any presents until all had been handed out.

The children grew more and more impatient as the pile of presents shrunk.

Finally, all of them had been handed out, and the kids started ripping their presents apart.

I didn’t get any. Not that I had expected to, but it still hurt a little not to get anything for Christmas.

I watched as my nephew opened present after present from his little pile until he reached mine.

I thought he looked at me a little before ripping the paper apart. Maybe because he’d never gotten anything from me before.

His eyes went wide when he saw what I had gotten him. He even ran over and hugged me.

It was nice.

He showed the lego set to everyone, and all the other children became jealous.

The parents stared at me.

I smiled, knowing that I had made the little guys Christmas.

Later that night my sister grabbed me and told me that I shouldn’t have gotten something that expensive for him.

Something about them trying not to spoil their kids.

I thought it was stupid, why shouldn’t you spoil them on Christmas?

She got angry at me. I knew that. But I didn’t care. I had made someone happy, that was all that mattered.

I can’t seem to ever do anything nice without pissing anyone off.

That was the last time I ever bought someone a gift.

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