James got on the train. The train that was going to take him far away.

He walked along the rows of seats until he found the carriage which had the words “Sleeping carriage” written above the door.

He opened the door inside it was quiet. A few people had beds along the sides of the carriage where the seats should have been.

James wasn’t sleeping here. He had his own room. He continued walking for a while until he found his room. It was as far away from the front of the train as he could get, this had been very important for him as he couldn’t sleep if there were any loud sounds.

The inside of his room was as he had expected, a small bed to his left and a door which led into the smallest bathroom he had ever seen. James was satisfied with this. It was all he needed, two days in this room and he would arrive at his destination.

This trip had been all he had thought about for the last couple of months. He didn’t know where he was going, but he knew that he wanted to leave. He knew that he wanted to get somewhere he had never been. See all the things he had dreamt about for so long.

James sat on his bed and looked out the window, at the leafless trees that lined the railroad.

“This is it,” He thought

“I’ve done it.”

He felt good. Life was good. He could see the smoke from the train’s chimney as it raced through the woods, he was happy.

The train’s horn went off, and he was brought out of his dreaming state.

“Dammit,” He said out loud. He’d paid extra to escape all sound.

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