“Apologize to someone”

Never before had the thought even crossed my mind.

Why would I do something like that?

Is there a reason I would do it?

Is there a reason I shouldn’t have done it?

I don’t know.

But I thought about it.

And I did it.

I did something I never thought I would do.

It felt good.

I won’t lie.

But was it the right thing?

Was it something I should have done?

Or will I have to apologize to someone later?

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3 thoughts on ““Apologize to someone””

  1. Apologies are crucial for someone to be released from long term anguish? Even if the apologizer may not even be in the wrong. Everyone can win from the sound of a genuine apology. An apology from me has always been easy… unless is is to a fake online persona. Then it’s “no way Jose”! There are surely many opinions on giving an apology …Nice that you did the right thing? Looks good on you! Fantastic subject you shared here!

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