“I finished”

I loved reading those books.

So, I tried writing one for myself.

Turns out I’m not much of a writer.

But hey, at least I wrote a book.

How many people can say they did that?

The problem I have is that none showed me any support.

People were always telling me that they were also writing a book and that it wasn’t something special.

Even now when I’ve finished mine do they tell me that theirs is coming along well.

I don’t think I’ll ever see any of their books.

But I know I’ll always see mine.

Because I finished mine.

Even if it wasn’t very good.

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2 thoughts on ““I finished””

  1. Sit on it for a couple months or six. Let it chill for a year. The first draft (which itself is probably several mini-drafts) has to have its flaws. You’ll clean it up nice after some distance.

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  2. Don’t listen to others. It’s great that you were able to complete and have your book out. Most people don’t even get to it.


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