“What would I do?”

It was over.

It had ended.

Or so I thought.

I thought she would be gone forever.

But she came back to me.

I told her that I was sorry.

That I wasn’t going to be the same.

And she promised to be faithful.

Like she had been.

Once upon a time.

I wonder now why I took her back.

Why I let her come back.

One day she was standing outside the door and I had to let her in.

She was still the person I loved.

The only person I had ever loved.

And it had been my fault.

I was the one who was never there.

That’s how I reasoned.

In hindsight that was wrong of me.

I shouldn’t have taken her back.

She should have stayed away.

It didn’t take more than a couple of weeks before I found the two of them together again.

Why did I take her back?

I wonder.

And would I do it again if she stood outside my door?

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