“I had seen love”

I knew then, when I saw my father walk out, that there was no such thing as love.

I had seen my parents marriage and I wondered if that was how it was supposed to be.

How could these people love each other? I asked myself as I listened to them arguing late a night when they thought I was sleeping.

It gave me a sense that love was nothing more than a story, something you told children so they wouldn’t lose their faith in the concept of family.

So when my father walked out, never to return, I knew there was no such thing as love.

I had seen it, I had seen love, and I didn’t want any part of it.

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2 thoughts on ““I had seen love””

  1. Love, at first, is like a fairy tale. With time one takes cognisance of the fact that fairy tales don’t exist. That’s when reality sets in. And only love found on genuine basis survive the roar of reality.
    Love is not cruel. Its human. Its imperfect.

    Beautiful piece… Bravo!

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