“Great things”

As I young man I always thought I was meant for great things.

As I grew older I began to figure out the wasn’t the case.

There was no way I was ever going be something great.

I was never going to be someone who people told stories about.

In my thirties, I was horrified by this idea.

Was I not meant for something more than this? I would ask myself as I did my work in the little supply store where I worked.

As I reached my fifties I had found myself a wife and together we had three children.

By this time I had forgotten all about my childhood thoughts of becoming something great.

Now as an old man I look back and I know that I did do great things. Not things that people tell stories about, but great nonetheless.

I brought three people into this world.

And I got to watch them grow up together with the love of my life.

I think I wonder if there’s anything greater than that.

I don’t think there is.

Nothing is greater than a life well lived.

Whether they tell stories about it or not.

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