“Scott’s heart”

”Scotty” She used to call him whenever they were together. Whenever she wanted to tell him something, or when she wanted him to shut up.

He was always there for her, and she was always there for him. They were always there for each other.

Scott had given her everything, all the while thinking that she was doing the same for him. He had been wrong.

And what had that belief gotten him?

Nothing but a broken heart.

Scott was walking home. Home to an empty apartment. He was smoking, something he had never been able to do when they were together.

She’d hated when he smoked. He loved it.

Scott looked at the smoking and thought that it was just like everything else in their relationship. He loved something, and she hated it. And when she loved something he hated it.

They should have never gotten married. It was too soon, too early in their lives. They had both jumped into the idea of marriage without thinking ahead.

But they were in love. He had loved her so much. The type of love few people had the privilege to experience.

But they shouldn’t have gotten married. They should have waited.

Maybe then they wouldn’t have gotten married. Maybe then it wouldn’t have been so hard to end it.

Maybe then Scott’s heart would still be whole.

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