“Your legacy”

We’re all doomed.

Everyone’s going to fade into oblivion one day.

Everyone’s time will come.

But we still have to try and live.

Live a life that will be worth remembering.

If we don’t then our time here is for nothing.

If we don’t do something which makes at least one person remember us then why are we here?

You can’t go through life alone without making a mark on someone.

And if you do then did you live?

We have to do something in life which we enjoy.

If you enjoy something, then other people will see, and they will be inspired as well.

And then you will have touched someone’s life.

And that someone will remember you.

In the end, we’re all doomed.

Our time will come to an end.

Just hope that when that day comes, someone will be there to remember you and carry on your legacy.

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