“Maybe I could stop”

I know it’s bad for me.

But I can’t help it.

I know nothing good will come from it.

But I can’t give it up.

I know I should stop.

But I don’t want to.

What’s there for me to do?

I can’t give it up, and I don’t want to.

But I know I should.

I know I have to.

Is there anything which could help me understand. Make me understand what I’m doing and shows me that it the wrong thing.

It’s one thing to tell me about it.

Tell me that I should stop.

That I should quit.

But that doesn’t matter unless you show me.

Show me what’s wrong, and maybe I can understand better.

Understand more than just words.

If you can do that for me then maybe. Just maybe I could give it up.

Maybe I could stop.

And maybe I could save my life.

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One thought on ““Maybe I could stop””

  1. Haunting to read. I cannot know what you are holding on to, but I believe that when something is not good for us, deep down we know. But, what is more important is that it fulfills a need, one we may not even know. So, before I tell you to quit, my first question would be, What pain would giving it up cause you, for that tells me what need it meets. Regina

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