“Good enough”

I sit at my desk, and I dream.

Dream about a life that I want.

A life that so many have dreamt about before me.

A life that I know I probably never will live.

And yet I can’t stop myself from dreaming.

I can’t help it.

It’s my dream.

And I’m not giving it up.

I know if I only keep doing this I’ll make it.

All I have to do I keep going.

Keep pushing through all the rejections.

Keep dreaming about the life I want.

And never stop.

That’s all I have to do.

That’s all I can do.

Everything else is up to other people.

I can only do the best I can and hope that’ll be enough.

Hope that I’m good enough.

So that one day I won’t have to dream about the life.

I will live it.

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