“We should have known”

I knew when I went over there that it was over.

It had been a long time coming.

I knew what she was going to say.

So when she told me it was over it didn’t come as a surprise.

And I felt the same way she did.

We didn’t love each other anymore.

Maybe we never did.

But somehow we had managed to fool ourselves that this was right for so long.

For so many years we had been trying to make it work.

Make something work that we should have known wouldn’t.

But we kept trying. We tried to make it work.

And for a long time, it did.

For a long time, we had what we thought was love.

And it was amazing.

We had many happy, loving years together.

But when I went over there that night, I knew that those years had come to an end.

Maybe they had many months before.

We weren’t made for each other.

We never loved each other.

But we spent years lying to ourselves.

All the while knowing that it was never going to work.

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