“Changes nothing”

I needed to see him hanging there.

I needed to see that he was gone.

That they had finally done it.

They had finally hung him.

It had been a long time coming.

For so long we had been told that he would hang for what he did.

But he never did.

They never hung him.

Years passed, and nothing happened.

And we, the people, where losing faith that anything ever would.

And then, finally, a date was set.

I needed to see it.

I had to see that he was dead.

Because what that man did to my family is something I can never forget, or forgive.

I arrived just minutes after it was done. People were leaving, and in the background I could see him. Hanging from his neck.

And I knew he was gone.

He was finally gone.

And for the first time in a long time, I felt good.

Felt good because he had gotten what he deserved.

But that didn’t change the anger I had inside.

That man was gone but so where they.

And hanging him didn’t bring them back.

All it did was send another person into the abyss.

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