“It won’t win”

As Jacob walked home, he knew that something had to change.

He’d done it again.

He’d done what he said he would never do again.

Why did he keep going back?

Why couldn’t he stop himself?

Jacob had spent the last weeks going to meeting after meeting hoping that it would help. And he thought they had. He thought that he could stop himself now.

But he couldn’t.

He should have stayed away.

If he had Jacob wouldn’t be back to where he was a few weeks ago.

Back to where he started.

Drunk, alone, and broke.

Why did he always let it go this far?

How could the disease that he had keep controlling him?

Control his every move from where he went to where and when he ate.

If he even had money to eat.


Jacob knew what he had to do.

There was only one thing left.

He couldn’t let his disease keep controlling him.

He wouldn’t let it win.

There was a bridge not far from where he was walking.

He knew that would be a good way.

The disease wouldn’t take him.

He would do it himself.

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