“In the dark”

He was running down the street in the dark.

Running from the man who was chasing him.

Knowing that he had to get away.

He turned a corner, and he could see the green door which was his.

He would be safe there.

The man couldn’t get him there.

He could hear the steps of the man behind him. Coming closer.

He had to get inside.

Inside his own home.

He would be safe there.

He reached the door. It wasn’t locked.

He never locked his door except for this time when he slammed it shut behind him and turned the lock until it wouldn’t turn anymore.

Outside he could hear the man breathing on the other side of the door.

He was finally safe.

A sound made him turn around and there, behind him, was the man.

He had gotten in.

Inside his home.

”It’s time,” The man said before he grabbed him by the throat and pulled him out into the dark.

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