“The traveler”

The traveler was riding his horse down the lonely road. It was getting dark, and he knew that he had to find a place to stay for the night.

But there were no houses where he was.

He knew that the horse could go on for a long time yet, but he didn’t want to risk it breaking a leg falling over one of the many rocks in the middle of the dirt road.

Finally, just before dark fell, he met a man walking down the street, and he asked if there was a place where he could spend the night.

“Just down the street you’ll find a small path heading into the forest, there’s a house by the end of the street. The woman who owns it usually has a bed to spare” The man said before he continued his walk.

The traveler was glad that he might get to sleep in a bed. It had been a long time since he last slept on something soft.
He found the small path a little further down the road and got off his horse. He couldn’t see anything, so he felt it was better to walk.


After about five minutes he could see lights by the end of the street, and he knew that was where he was heading.

His horse was getting anxious walking in the tight path among the trees, and he had to work to hold it.

“Calm down, boy,” He said

“Who’s out there” A woman shouted in the distance.

Someone was home. The traveler yelled back that he was looking for a place to sleep.

“Well come on in, I’ve got a hot meal and a hard bed for you.”

The people in this part of the county where very hospitable, the traveler thought as he left his horse outside the house and entered the warmth of the house.

Inside the woman gave him a meal made from something that he didn’t want to know what sound it had made when it was alive.

He fell asleep that night in a bed, a real bed. Inside a warm house with a full belly.

He the traveler felt better than he had for a long time.

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