“The harder they fall”

For the first time in a long time, Trevor woke and felt like he used to.

Felt the way he did before everything went to shit.

Before he got himself into this position.

Before he was forced to abandon everything he loved so that he could go on living a dream that he didn’t want.

Not anymore.

Once he thought this life was everything he wanted. That was until he actually lived it, then he realized all the flaws it had.

He was able to see first hand that it wasn’t simple, that everyone didn’t have it easy.

And that he didn’t fit in.

He was an outsider, and he always would be.

No matter how far he climbed.

Trevor always knew he should have stopped somewhere along the way. Stopped when he realized that this wasn’t what he had dreamt of. That this wasn’t what he wanted.

But he couldn’t make himself stop.

He needed to get to the top.

And he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him.

And on a day like today, when he woke feeling good, he thought that this wasn’t so bad. This life was good.

It was, after all, a dream that he always wanted.

He didn’t care that he wouldn’t want that dream tomorrow.

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