“Someone else”

For Alex, it was too late. He knew it was too late. But he didn’t care. He knew she would be waiting for him.

He knew she would be there.

Alex had to sneak out of his upstairs window. Praying as he did so that his parents wouldn’t wake.

Once he outside the road to the park was empty and quiet. None that know either of them would be out at this our.

Alex took the same shortcut he always did and cowered underneath a window where the TV was on. No need to attract unwanted attention, he thought.

The street lights had gone out in the park, but Alex didn’t care. He knew the way to their place by heart.

She would be there waiting for him no matter how dark it got. He knew she would.

A few minutes was all it took for him to find the way, not losing his way once.

He could see the silhouette of her, waiting for him, waiting for for the two of them to be together again.

“Carol,” Alex said and walked down to her.

She turned around as Alex took the last few steps before he was in her arms.

They embraced, and Alex knew he was finally home, she was finally home.

They were together.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” She said, and Alex pushed himself away from her.

“Who are you?” he asked, that voice didn’t belong to Carol. “Where’s Carol?”

“Oh she couldn’t make it, but she sends her regards.” The woman standing in front if Alex was so calm while she spoke that Alex almost believed her.

Almost, had he not known Carol.

“Who are you?” he said trying to sound intimidating.

“I’m your worst nightmare dear,” the woman said and pulled out a gun and shot Alex twice in the chest before she left him to die in the grass.

“Why?” he managed to say, but the woman was already gone.

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