“Glad it’s over”

”Jerry,” She said as she left my house. Left for the final time.

She left, and I was sure that she wasn’t coming back. Not this time.

”Please” I tried, but it was too late. She had closed the door, and I was left alone in our living room. In my living room.

It wasn’t ours anymore.

I always knew it was coming, for the past couple of weeks we haven’t said more than a few words to each other.

That’s no way to live in a relationship.

We were always heading for a cliff. I’m just glad that she decided to end it before it was too late. Before we got so unhappy together that it would take years to get a single spark of joy back.

I’m happy that she was to one that did it. Because I don’t think I would have been able to.

I’m glad she ended it without any harsh words, without blame.

I’m glad it’s over, but I’m also sad that I’ve lost her.

I just hope that I haven’t lost her forever. And that we can still find a way to be friends.

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