“In the cold”

My hands are cold, too cold. I have to get warm.

I can’t feel my feet anymore. My socks are soaked through.

I have to get warm.

My jacket has started to let the melting snow through.

My shirt is getting soaked.

I have to get inside.

My wet hair has frozen underneath my hat. I can feel the frostbite on my cheeks.

I have to get warm.

But I can’t get warm. There’s nothing out here. Nowhere I can go. Nowhere I can find warmth.

I have to get home. I have to get back.

But I won’t. My frozen feet stop carrying me forward. My fingers are so stiff I can’t grab anything on my way down.

I hear cracks as the ice in my hair breaks when I hit the snow.

This is it.

I’m cold, too cold. But soon I’ll be warm.

Soon I’ll be out of this cold.

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