“Two men”

Two men were walking down the street.

It was dark. Darker than it usually was.

A perfect night for them.

A perfect night for what they were about to do.

The two men were used to the dark. They had spent so many years in it that neither of them was afraid of what was out there. For they knew that nothing was worse than them.

For so many years they had strolled down this street, searing for something which they rarely found.

Someone that was perfect for the both of them.

It was always hard work for rarely did they end the night happy. Rarely did they find what they were looking for.

But they kept on searching, every night, they went out and looked for that perfect someone.

This night there were very few people out. The two men had almost given up when they saw her coming towards them.

They saw her, and she was perfect.

Finally, they could do it again.

She was beautiful as she came walking down the street towards them. Perfect in every way.

The two men stopped and looked at each other, and without saying a word, they knew that she was right.

They waited patiently in the dark for her to come closer and then they stepped out in front of her.

One of the men grabbed her arms while the other put a rag in her mouth so she couldn’t scream for help. A well-rehearsed move perfected over the years.

Their car wasn’t far. She only had to be quiet until then. Once inside she could scream all she wanted, and none would come to her rescue.

The two men stood outside their car, smoking, looking up at the moonless night and the stars which shone so bright.

It was a perfect night, and neither of them wanted it to end.

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