As I grabbed the man by his neck I knew that I had made a mistake. I knew that I had done something that I should not have done.

The man was better than me. He was better than I am ever going to be.

Everyone around us where watching as I grabbed the man. Most of them where horrified that I would do such a thing. That I would do something which was so out of character for me.

Why did I do it?

To this day I still don’t know. I can’t give an answer to the question.

But I know I did wrong.

My wife screamed at me and tried to get me to let go.

Let go of the man who had insulted her.

She didn’t want me to do what I did for her.

I had embarrassed her and all the while I thought I was doing the right thing.

I thought she would be proud that I stood up for her.

I was wrong and as I let go of the man and watched as he fell to the ground, screaming from pain, I knew that I had done something that I would never forget.

Something that I would never be able to make right.

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