“Gone that long?”

He walked into the room knowing that she would be there.

That she would be there to take him in her arms.

The room was filled with people all laughing and enjoying themselves. A few of them noticed as he entered the room.

”Mr. Johnson?” An elderly man said, ”what are you doing here?”

”Looking for my wife,” Johnson said.

”Oh, well good luck with that. She will be delighted, we all thought you died over there.”

Johnson left the old man and continued his search. He couldn’t see her anywhere, but she was there.

He knew she was there.

He finally saw her standing alone in one of the far away corners of the room.

She was still beautiful. Still perfect.

He walked across the room with determined steps but before he got to her someone else came and gave her a glass of champagne.

Another man who gave her drinks.

Another man who kissed her.

Johnson couldn’t watch. He ran out of the room and ignored the old man trying to get his attention on his way out.

Had he really been gone that long?

Long enough for her to find someone else?

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