“Out of time”

It’s here. I can feel it. I can hear it.

It’s come to get me. To get me before I tell someone what I’ve seen.

It’s crawling across the floor in the other room.

I can hear it.

I have to get out of here. I have to tell what I know.

Just a few more days. That’s all I need.

I need more time.

I can hear it outside my door. It’s trying to get in.

What am I going to do?

I search the room for a way out.

There’s nothing.

I can’t get out.

I just need another day. Just one more day to tell someone.

One more day and I’ll have done enough.

My door’s breaking.

I can see its face. Its claws.

And I know its got me.

It’s over.

It crawls through the hole in the door and across the floor towards me.

All I needed was one more day.

All I needed was a little more time.

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