“For someone else”

I sit at my desk. Every day and wait for the clock to strike four and I’m allowed to leave.

I hate this job. I hate the monotony of it. It’s the same thing day in and day out, never do I get to do anything new.

It wasn’t always like this. I used to love this job. The work I was doing seemed to matter. Now I know that it never did. I never did anything that was for anyone except the person I work for.

I wish I could go back to when I was a young man. Back to when I was still naive and thought that I would change the world.

Back when I woke up every morning and looked forward to the day. Looked forward to when I got into the office to do what I was told.

Life was better then. It was a life that I wanted to live. The life that I always dreamt of when I was a kid.

The idyllic life that every child who grew up in the small town where I grew up dreamt about.

A life where I would do good.

A life where I wouldn’t work just for the financial gain of someone else.

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