“leaving him”

Pacing back and forth in his apartment John knew that he didn’t have long. He knew that he had to go after her.

Before it was too late.

Her plane was leaving in an hour. After that, she would be gone forever.

He still had time to get there and tell her how he felt.

But he had to leave now.

John got in his car and set off.

The airport wasn’t far. He would get there in time.

He parked outside and ran in without closing the car door.

Inside there where boards showing the arrivals and departures.

John looked at the boards, searching for the plane she would be on.

There it was.

Gate 16

John ran past security and continued towards the gate.

He would get there in time. He would tell her how he felt and everything would be alright.

He saw the sign. Gate 16.

She was in there. On the other side of the glass wall.

He reached the doors. They where locked.

He was too late.

John knocked on the doors trying to get the attention of one of the attendants.

They ignored him.

He looked down the line of passengers boarding the plane.

She was there. Looking away from him. Looking at the plane. At her future.

He pounded on the glass. Hoping that she would hear.

She turned around and saw him.

”Katherine” John yelled, and she smiled.

She knew why he was there.

She knew what he wanted to say.

But he was too late.

She smiled at him one last time before she got on the plane and left him.


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