“Hiding a monster”

He ran down the street as fast as he could. She was getting closer, he could feel it.

Why couldn’t he outrun her?

He turned a corner and came out on a street with lots of people.

He screamed for help but none listened. They all looked at him.

Where was their compassion in a time like this?

He kept on running. There was no trace of her since he reached the busy street but he knew she was there. Hiding, in the shadows.

He knew where he could hide. There was a shelter not far from where he was, if he could only get there he would be safe.

At least for tonight.

His legs were aching from running so far and his lungs felt like they were going to explode. But he kept on running.

She wasn’t going to get him tonight.

He turned another corner and could see the sign of the shelter not far away.

He could get there.

Her footsteps were back.

She was so close.

Just a few yards more and he would be safe.

Why was she so fast?

He reached the shelter and pulled the door. It was locked.

Why? This place was never closed.

He screamed and struck the door with all the force he could muster.

Nothing, there was none there.

He turned around and saw her coming towards him.

She was just as beautiful as he could remember.

That beauty hid a monster.

She smiled at him for a second then walked up to kiss him.

He felt her warm lips on his own, closed his eyes and waited for the darkness the wash over him.

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