“Kissing her”

I should have kissed her.

But I didn’t.

I backed away from her.

And now she’s gone forever.

I had my chance, and I lost it.

I lost my chance with her.

Why did I do it?

She was all I had ever dreamt of. Everything I had ever wanted.

Why didn’t I kiss her?

I was scared. Scared that I might do something wrong.

Scared that she would regret it.

So I backed away. Back into my myself.

Back to where I feel safe.

I regret that. I regret not kissing her.

I hope that I’ll one day get that same chance again, but I know that I won’t.

I know that my chance is gone.

I know that she won’t be coming back for me.

I wish that I could have a second chance,

A second chance with her.

Just one.

And I would do everything differently.

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