The time had come. Everything was coming to an end today.

All of my hard work. All the hours I’d put into this case. It would all come down to the next few minutes.

The courtroom was quiet. Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats. You could almost feel the tension in the air. Both sides divided. None knew what the verdict was going to be.

The judge came out from his chambers and sat down. The jury followed shortly after from their room.

”Do you have a verdict?” The judge asked.

”We do, your honor.”

”Read it.”

This was it. You could hear the sound of people leaning forward in their seats. None said anything.

”We the jury, find the defendant Mr. Elkhorn…” I could barely sit still. What if I didn’t win? All my work would be for nothing. ”Guilty of murder in the first degree.”

I couldn’t believe it.

How could they find him guilty? I couldn’t believe it.

I looked over at my client. He was sitting with his face in his hands. Crying.

Crying, not because he was going to prison but because the jury had just convicted an innocent man.

They were sending an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life.

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