Why don’t I think more before I speak? Before I say the things, I say?

I should, I know I should if I want to keep people from getting hurt by my words. So why don’t I? I don’t know. It seems like I can’t. Like for some reason, there’s this thing which keeps me from thinking about what my words might do to other people.

I just think it would be fun if I say it. That’s rarely the case.

I never intend to be mean. Everything I say come out of love because I think it will make people laugh. Yet it always comes out wrong. My words make me sound like a horrible person. A person who doesn’t care about others.

Why don’t I think one step further?

Just one more step and people wouldn’t get hurt. One more second of consideration before the words leave my mouth and I wouldn’t be this asshole that I am.

Why don’t I think before I speak?

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