“In his room”

Tyler was sitting in his bedroom. Not doing much, looking at some videos and relaxing.

It had been some time since he last left his room for reasons other than going to the bathroom or eating.

He never ate in his bedroom.

Why would he leave? He had everything he could ever wish for in there.

He didn’t like the outside world. He didn’t like the people. He didn’t feel safe out there.

In his bedroom he was safe. Safe from people who wanted to bully him. Safe from people who tried to hurt him and make him feel worthless.

Why would he ever leave?

Tyler’s bedroom was his safe place. In there he could be who he was and not be judged. Not be bullied.

In there he could do what he wanted without having to worry about what people thought.

In his bedroom, he felt safe, like none could ever hurt him.

He was very wrong.

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