”James” Ashley screamed as she ran around the playground. ”James where are you?”

She’d only been gone for five minutes, how could be gone?

He couldn’t have gone far by himself. He’s only six.

”James” She tried, again and again, but he was nowhere to be seen.

She was frantically running around asking anyone she could find if they had seen a little boy walking alone.

Why wasn’t anyone helping? She thought as she tried screaming his name again. Why where they all just sitting there looking at her?

Why wasn’t anyone helping?

Ashley wanted to scream at them. Scream for them to help her. Tell them that her child was missing. But she couldn’t, her lungs were too tired, what little screams she had left she saved for James.

”James” She tried again, but she couldn’t scream anymore. In the back of her head was a thought that she desperately tried to ignore. A thought which was starting to make more and more sense.

“A voice that told her that James couldn’t have wouldn’t have, gone alone.

That someone must have taken him.

Why wasn’t anyone helping?

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