“A single flower”

”Bring me a flower, and I’ll save you a dance,” She said.

The man didn’t have any flowers. Not a single one of his bushes had bloomed this summer, and he didn’t have money to buy flowers.

”Why don’t you bring me flowers,” He said to the bushes in his garden. There was no answer.

”Why must you always do this to me?” He asked the sky, but he got no answer there either.

”Why?” He asked himself. So quiet that none heard, except for a little bush down by his feet.

The bush had listened. But it couldn’t help him on its own. Its branches had been broken by the heavy winter snow, and he wouldn’t bear any flowers this summer.

There had to be something the little bush could do. He thought long and hard until he finally got the courage to ask the birds for help.

”Birds” He called out ”We need to help him” But they didn’t answer. They didn’t like the way the man had treated them. ”If you help him, he might get better again” The little bush tried, but it was no use. The birds had flown away.

”What have I done to deserve this?” The man asked from inside his house.

”You could have helped us” The bigger bushes answered, but the man couldn’t understand what they were saying.

The little bush thought that there had to be something he could do. Something, no matter how small that could make him bear a single flower.

”Is there anything I can do to bear a single flower?” The little bush asked the sun. ”Anything, tell me what and I’ll do it.”

The sun shone down on the little bush and told it what it needed to do.

”Is that all?” The little bush asked, but he got no answer. He would have to trust the word of the sun.

”Don’t let this gift go to waste” The little bush said to the sky. And he thought that the sky listened.

The bush did what the sun had told it to do, and he could feel the rays of sunlight burning its branches. He could feel how the flower started to take shape and how it’s leaves began falling to the ground.

As the flower grew the other bushes watched in horror as the little bush lost, it’s green glow, and its branches began to hang a little lower.

”Don’t do this” they told him.

The little bush didn’t listen. He knew it was what he needed to do.

Finally, as the sun set the little bush stood without a single leaf on its branches. Its healthy green look was gone, and all that was left was a bunch of brown, scorched, branches and on top of all these a single beautiful flower.

The lights in the house were still on, and you could hear the man crying in there. Crying because he didn’t know that the one thing he needed was right outside his door, waiting for him.

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