Flash fiction: “Life on the river”

Life on the river isn’t as thrilling as I always dreamt it would be.

I dreamt of a life where I would wake up in a new place every morning. Where I would experience all the things and learn all the secrets, the river had to offer.

Most nights I dock at the same place and shop at the same shops I did as a boy. And at night I dream of setting sail down the river.

The life does hold many good things. Many fun nights filled with joy and laughter.

I have my old speakers up on deck, and most nights I have them blasting old sailor songs. People would hear those songs and come to see what was going on.

Most of the time they brought alcohol.

The parties I’ve had on my boat are unlike any other. The songs, the drinking and the dancing are all things that I will never forget.

And yet something’s missing. There’s this voice in the back of my head. ”Leave,” It tells me ”Leave and do all the things you dream about at night. Set sail down the river and never look back.”

I want to listen. I know that I have to listen.

I know that I need to leave this town.

I need to live the rest of my life on the river.

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