Flash fiction: “Retirement”

Robin sat on his balcony overlooking the little city. He was having his morning smoke and his coffee. Waiting for the effects of them to kick in he took in the scenery. He couldn’t believe that he was living there, he couldn’t believe that he had this apartment.

How could he be so lucky?

He felt the effects of his coffee start to wake him up. He lit another cigarette and leaned back facing the sun.

What was he doing today? Robin asked himself. Nothing, was his first thought though he knew that he had to do something.

He had been retired for a month now, and he had yet to do anything except walk around the city. He needed to do something to avoid getting bored, to avoid ending up like everyone else he knew.

But what was there for him to do? He was here. He was enjoying the sun. He was enjoying his coffee and his cigarettes.

Was there anything he wanted to do?

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