Flash fiction: “Gone”

Scott was standing on the other side of the river looking over the city.

What had he done? How did he always end up back here?

He always said that he wasn’t going to do it again and yet here he was once more, broke and lonely.

He stood looking over the calm river and thought about what he was going to do now. He couldn’t go back home. He couldn’t face his family having done this once more.

His mother had told him the last time that she wouldn’t help him anymore. How was he going to survive? Scott knew he wouldn’t be able to pay his rent this month. He cared about that now why couldn’t he think about those things before he did it? Why did he have to be so stupid?

Scott walked along the river for a few minutes, thinking, what was he going to do now? He didn’t have an answer. He had lost everything once more. Everything that he had spent the last couple of months getting back gone, just like that, in one night.

There wasn’t anything he could do. There was no way out for Scott. He saw the bridge connecting the island to the mainland.

That bridge was going to solve everything.

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