Flash fiction: “Phone call”

Zander was pacing back and forth. He was waiting for a call. The call that was going to decide the course of his life.

His family sat in the kitchen. They wanted him to sit with them and wait. He couldn’t sit down. He was too worried. His heart was beating out of his chest, but he didn’t want anyone to see, so he kept pacing.

What if it didn’t go his way? Could he survive the next couple of years?

Zander’s mother hadn’t spoken since she arrived. She was even more anxious than he was. Understandable, he thought, he would one day return here if the call didn’t go his way, but she wouldn’t live long enough to see his return.

His family tried getting him to come and sit with them in the kitchen once more. He couldn’t sit. He didn’t want to sit.

The phone rang. Zander’s heart stopped. The time had come, either his life was over, or he was a free man. He didn’t want to answer the phone.

He didn’t want to know.

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