Flash fiction: “Win it all”

Andy drove his car out of the casino parking lot. Sweat was running down his back and the sides of his face.

What had he done?

He needed that money. It was their rent money, their food money. How did he lose it?

He pulled over. He couldn’t drive like this. He was going to get hurt.

How could he go home now? How would he be able to look his wife in her eyes and tell her that he had lost his entire paycheck?

Things were bad enough since she lost her job, he couldn’t afford to lose what little income both of them had.

Andy knew that he had to call his parents, they where always there for him, they would help him. All he needed to do was dial their number, and his wife would never know what he had done.

Ten minutes later he put the phone down. It buzzed in his pocket. He didn’t need to check what it was, he knew. His father never asked questions when Andy needed money.

Andy turned his key in the car’s ignition and started driving.

”You could win it all back,” a voice in the back of his head said. Andy knew he shouldn’t listen to it. He knew he should head home to his wife.

He turned his car around.

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