Flash fiction: “A mother’s betrayal”

Brian was leaving his house when he got the call.

His mother needed him. She always needed him.

He didn’t want to speak to her, not now, not ever. Not since she left his father.

He didn’t answer his phone.

Brians friends where waiting for him at the bar. He would have to speak to them what he was going to do. His mother wouldn’t leave him alone.

Why wouldn’t she leave him alone when he wanted her to?

He never understood why people left, why they would leave someone who so clearly needed their help.

He would never understand his mother no matter how hard she tried to make him understand.

Not that he wanted to.

He had been the one that sat by his father in the hospital. Where had she been? Where had she been when his needed her the most?

She had been out, eating with another man. Making sure that she wouldn’t be alone when Brian’s father died.

He couldn’t believe someone would do that.

He couldn’t believe that she would do that and still think that Brian would want to ever speak to her again.

The worst thing was that she hadn’t even tried to say that she was sorry. Instead, all she had done was say that his father had been a good man.

Like brian didn’t know that.

The only thing his father had wanted on his deathbed was to speak to the love of his life. Brians mother.

And where had she’d been?

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