Flash fiction:”The house at the end of the street”

They were walking into the house, the lonely house which was the only thing you saw when you exited town.

The house had been abandoned for many years now, and most of the people living in the small town wanted it demolished. Too many people had died there.

Very few people dared to go there, but every now and then a group of teen usually dared themselves to enter.

This night was no different. The place hadn’t had a visitor for almost three years, and it was hungry.

The group of three friends opened the door to the house and looked around for anything which was spooky. Anything which might explain all the stuff they had grown up hearing about the house.

Inside was nothing more than old graffiti covering the walls.

“This would be a cool place to have a party,” Alex said.

“It would, but I doubt anyone would come” Rebecca answered.

“I would,” Jacob said.

They walked around the house for a few more minutes before entering a room which looked like it had once been a dining room.

It was still fully furnished, but the furniture had long since reached its expiration date. A few paintings on the walls looked like families.

“These must be the people who used to own this place,” Jacob said.

“Creepy” Both Rebecca and Alex answered.

“I would have loved to see this place when people where still living here.”

“I wouldn’t. Almost every one of these families died in some strange way. All of them inside this house.”

“I doubt it had anything to do with ghosts,” Alex said.

“You don’t believe this place is haunted?”

“No, most of what has happened here over the years can be explained.”

“How so? Can you explain why five families, all of whom have lived here have been killed?” Rebecca asked.

“Probably someone in the family went insane and killed them all. I know I would have if I lived in a place which is supposed to be haunted.”

“I thought you said you don’t believe in ghosts.”

“I don’t.”

A loud, screeching sound made all three jump.

“What was that?” Rebecca asked.

“Probably just the wind” Alex told her.

They continued looking through the house until they got to the second floor where all the doors where locked.

“Why would these doors be locked?”

“Don’t know, but I know how we can get in,” Jacob said and kicked one of the doors. The whole thing fell off its frame and landed on the floor of the room.

The room hadn’t been touched since whoever lived there last had moved. Everything was just as it once was.

“Now this is cool,” Alex said.

All three of them stepped into the room and started looking around. It was like stepping into another time.

“Can you imagine living like this?” Rebecca asked the others.

“Not really, can you?”

“I would love to try, just think, to live like this without any electricity.”

“I would go nuts without my tv,” Alex said.

The door slammed shut behind them.

“What just happened?” Alex said. “It was broken, it was on the damn floor.”

None answered him. Rebecca and Jacob were both standing in front of Alex and watched as a man appeared behind him.

“You shouldn’t have come here,” The figure said. “You should have listened to the warnings.”

“What warnings?” Rebecca asked

“Your punishment for not listening is this.”

“Is what?” Jacob said with a shaky voice. It was the last thing he said before a noose appeared around his neck and hung him from the ceiling.

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