Flash fiction: “Jacob’s disappearance”

None knew where Jacob had gone that day. All they knew was that he didn’t come back home.

His parents had searched for weeks until finally one day they had to give up. The whole town had been in shock, at first, then slowly, day by day, everything had gone back to normal.

Over time the case had gone cold, and a few months later none was working on Jacob’s disappearance.

What the people of Jacob’s hometown didn’t know was that he would soon return,

It was a normal morning. The town was waking up. People were walking the street on their way to open stores. Others were driving their cars on the way to work.

Amanda was walking through the city square, heading towards her cafe, when she saw a little boy standing alone by the flagpole.

Amanda looked at the square. None was there. The boy was all alone.

”Hey, you,” She said, ”Where’s your mommy?”

The boy didn’t answer.

”Is she close?”

”I don’t know,” The boy said and began crying.

Amanda hugged him ”It’s alright,” she said ”come with me, and we’ll find her.”

”Okay,” The boy said.

”What’s your name?” Amanda asked.


Amanda couldn’t believe what she just heard. ”Jacob?” She asked ”Oh my god.”

She called the police with shaking hands and told them that she had found him. Jacob was finally found.

An officer arrived within a couple of minutes, by that time a crowd had already gathered around the boy and Amanda.

”It this him?” The officer asked.


”And you just found him standing here?” He gestured around the square.

”Yes, he was standing right there, below the flag.” Amanda’s hands were still shaking, and she had trouble thinking straight.

A loud screamed stopped the officer from asking any more questions. ”What’s going on?” He shouted at the crowd.

”The boy!” Someone answered.

”What…” The officer didn’t finish his sentence when he saw the little boy laying on the ground. He wasn’t moving, and his lips were turning blue.

The officer radioed for an ambulance and kneeled by the boy.

The ambulance arrived quickly and took the little boy; he was at that time pale as a ghost.

The people in the crowd all went on with their day, with a good story to tell their families.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson came running into the emergency room.

”Where is he?” Mrs. Johnson screamed at the first nurse she could find. ”Where’s my boy?”

The nurse looked at her and told them to wait as she went to get a doctor.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson didn’t move during the three minutes it took for the doctor to come.

”Mr. and Mrs. Johnson?”


”I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

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