Flash fiction: “Winter night”

I was walking home, knowing that I had drunk too much to be walking alone. None at the bar where I had spent the night, and most of the afternoon, should have let me go alone, in the condition that I was in; but I don’t seem to have very good friends.

I’ll have to fix that.

The street lamps which lined the road where I was walking seemed to be moving and giving away loud, annoying noises as I passed them on the chilly winter night.

I thought the cold must have done something to them. It was, after all, one of the coldest winters in many years. Or so the regulars at the bar had told me. They always said that, every year. But this year I was inclined to believe them.

I began walking a little faster as the cold was now starting to penetrate my jacket. The jacket, which was far too thin to be used as a winter jacket, was the only one that I wore, all year around; Mostly because it was my only one.

As I picked up speed, the street lamps did the same. They where now beginning to shine in different colors as well. I thought there must have been something else in my drinks tonight because lamps should not be moving, nor should they shine in strange colors.

They were also giving off a different sound than before. Louder now, and a bit more annoying. I put my hands on my ears to block out the sound and continued walking.

Through my hands, I could hear what I thought was voices. Something which I thought was strange in this part of town where people rarely spoke, even if they had company.

I chose to ignore the voices, they weren’t meant for me anyway, and kept on walking. I didn’t get far before I felt a sharp pain in my back and fell, uncontrollably, to the ground landing head first in the freshly fallen snow.

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